June 10, 2023

What are some common practices and rituals involved in financial domination?

Financial domination, also known as findom, is a BDSM practice where a Dominant partner controls the financial resources of a submissive partner. This type of relationship involves the submission of power and control to the Dominant partner, who takes pleasure in managing and controlling the financial aspects of their submissive’s life. The submissive partner, on the other hand, derives sexual arousal and satisfaction from being dominated financially.

The practice of financial domination involves several common practices and rituals that contribute to the dynamic of the relationship. These practices are designed to reinforce the power dynamic between the Dominant and submissive partners and can include the following:

Money Slave Contracts

Money slave contracts are agreements made between a Dominant partner and a submissive partner outlining the parameters of their financial domination relationship. These contracts usually include details such as the amount of money the submissive partner is expected to give to the Dominant partner, the types of purchases the Dominant partner is allowed to make using the submissive’s money, and the consequences if the submissive partner fails to meet their financial obligations.

Financial Tributes

Financial tributes are an essential aspect of financial domination. This involves the submissive partner giving money to the Dominant partner as a form of tribute or worship. Tributes can be made through gifts, cash, or other financial means, and are given as an act of submission to the Dominant partner.

Financial Blackmail

Financial blackmail involves the Dominant partner threatening to disclose sensitive information or damaging secrets about the submissive partner if they fail to meet their financial obligations. This practice can be controversial and is not universally accepted within the BDSM community.

Money Slavery

Money slavery is an extreme form of financial domination, which involves the Dominant partner exerting complete control over the submissive partner’s finances. In this practice, the submissive partner hands over control of their bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial resources to the Dominant partner, who may choose to use them as they see fit.

Financial Humiliation

Financial humiliation is a form of emotional domination and involves the Dominant partner humiliating the submissive partner about their financial situation. This can include making the submissive partner beg for money or forcing them to perform degrading tasks to earn money.

Gift Giving

Gift giving is a common ritual in financial domination relationships. Dominant partners often give gifts to their submissive partners as a form of reward. In contrast, submissive partners may buy gifts for their Dominant partners as part of their submission or in an attempt to please their Dominant partner.


Financial domination is a complex BDSM practice that can involve several different rituals and practices. These rituals are designed to reinforce the power dynamic between the Dominant and submissive partners and contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying experience for both partners. Financial domination should always be entered into consensually and ethically, with a clear understanding of the boundaries and expectations of both parties. As with any BDSM practice, communication, trust, and respect are key to creating a safe and fulfilling experience for all involved. Learn more

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about financial domination?

Financial domination, also known as findom, is a form of power exchange that involves a dominant person (usually a woman) controlling the finances of a submissive person (often a man). It’s a relatively new fetish that has been gaining popularity in recent years, but like all fetishes, it’s often misunderstood and subject to misconceptions. In this article, we’ll explore some of the biggest misconceptions about financial domination and set the record straight.

1. Financial domination is just about taking money.

One of the biggest misconceptions about financial domination is that it’s solely about taking money from someone. While money is certainly a part of the equation, it’s not the end-all-be-all of the fetish. Financial domination is about the power exchange that takes place between the dominant and submissive. The submissive is giving up control of their finances to the dominant, and the dominant is taking on the responsibility of managing those finances. It’s about the exchange of power and control, not just the exchange of money.

2. All financial dominants are gold diggers or scammers.

Another common misconception about financial domination is that all dominants who engage in findom are just gold diggers or scammers looking to take advantage of vulnerable people. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like any other kink or fetish, there are people who engage in findom with the best intentions, and there are those who use it as a way to exploit others. It’s important to do your research and find a reputable dominatrix if you’re interested in exploring financial domination.

3. Financial domination is only for wealthy people.

Many people assume that only wealthy individuals can engage in financial domination because it requires a significant amount of disposable income. This simply isn’t true. Financial domination can take many forms, and it’s ultimately up to the dominant and submissive to determine what works for them. It could be something as simple as a submissive gifting a dominant a small amount of money or a more substantial tribute. Financial domination is more about the power exchange than the amount of money involved.

4. Financial domination is only for men.

Another common misconception about financial domination is that it’s only something that men can engage in as submissives. In reality, anyone can be a submissive in financial domination, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It’s a form of power exchange that transcends traditional gender roles and can be enjoyed by anyone who finds it appealing.

5. Financial domination is inherently abusive.

Some people view financial domination as inherently abusive or exploitative. While there are certainly situations where financial domination can be taken too far and become abusive, it’s important to remember that it’s a consensual activity between two adults. As long as both parties are engaging in the activity willingly and within the agreed-upon boundaries, it’s not inherently abusive. As with any other fetish, it’s crucial to establish clear boundaries and communicate effectively to ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and safe.

In conclusion, financial domination is a complex and often-misunderstood fetish. Like any other kink, there are misconceptions and stereotypes associated with it that can be harmful and inaccurate. It’s essential to do your research, find a reputable dominatrix, and communicate effectively with your partner to ensure that you’re engaging in financial domination safely and consensually. By challenging misconceptions and learning more about the fetish, we can create a more informed and accepting environment for all those who wish to explore this aspect of BDSM.
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